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Cruse Demo Series (3 bottles)  - Cruse Wine Co.

Cruse Demo Series (3 bottles)

New $160.00 750mL

A 3-pack that includes 2021 Heintz Still Pinot Noir, 2019 Traditional Method Rancho Chimiles Sparkling Valdiguié, and the Reserve Cask (base 2018). All wines are studies in sparkling wine in California.

2021 Heinz Pinot Noir

A wine that asks what does high quality, lower alcohol Pinot Noir tastes like? What happens if we make a still wine of our sparkling base? Does it indicate the quality of the fruit in a way that the vin clair doesn't? Is it pleasant to drink?

Not a rosé, but maybe not a fully dark red wine either. A youthful nose of earthy, moss, cherry, and wet clay. The wine has great acid with a light tannic structure that drinks like a New World Poulsard. Very clean, very pleasant. Tastes of the Sonoma Coast without the structure.

2019 Traditional Method Sparkling Valdiguié

As many of you know we often make this wine as a pét-nat, but we wanted to see if we have more varietal character and more site impact from a traditional method sparkler.

After nearly 30 months en tirage, this wine was disgorged with a dosage of 6 g/L. It needs a bit more time in bottle (or an hour open in the fridge). The nose is a complex of roses, tar, raspberries, and wet grass. The fruit is on the palate is darker and tinged with leather. Concentrated and complex, this is not the fruit bomb one would expect. 

Reserve Cask (2018 Base)

Inspired by some of the great grower producers in Champagne, this wine is a separate a bottling of our reserve wine used in Tradition aged an additional year in a 2000L new Stockinger cask. It was disgorged without dosage of any kind.

This extra aging has created a concentrated, focused expression of California sparkling wine. The nose is briny, with flint, gun smoke, and dried apricot and apples. The palate is intense and savory, with stony, mineral notes and a hint of baked apple tart. The finish is intense and concentrated. This needs time, but try decanting now if you want to enjoy earlier.